Radar Detectors & Laser (SpeedSafe)
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Compact High-performance Radar / Laser Detector for Australia & NZ
World's most compact portable RADAR
Radenso Pro-M
Radenso Pro-M
Suitable for all states & NZ
  Radenso - Complete feature-set

Database of "fixed" Redlight and Speed Camera sites is updatable for free.
Locations of interest (or danger) can be marked for future 24/7 alerts.
GPS lockout (manually) of K-band false alert areas.
Feature Overview

Radenso Pro-M is the smallest STEALTH Radar/Laser Detector available. It's difficult to see from outside your vehicle and easy to remove and conceal.

Radenso Pro-M is one of the few Radar Detectors that effectively alerts to the difficult- to-detect MultaRadar CD Speed Cameras.
Feature Portable
Easily move Radenso Pro-M from car to car. You get full-time radar and laser detection in all your vehicles.
Feature Detection
Radenso Pro-M detects all speed-radar and speed-laser frequencies used throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Feature Undetectable
Tests against the Spectre Elite RDD proves that Radenso Pro-M is STEALTH to Radar Detector Detectors.
Feature Service & Warranty

Radenso Pro-M is supported by the authorized Australian and New Zealand Beltronics distributor with a 12 months warranty.

Important: The "options" settings menu can be confusing. Incorrect selections will prevent some AU Radars from being scanned and detected. For your safety: Radar Detectors & Lasers configures each unit to suit your location.
Radenso Pro-M vs Uniden R3
Radenso Pro vs Spectre Elite RDD
Note: The Radenso Pro series Radar Detectors can only be detected at 12 feet (less that 4 meters) by the latest Spectre RDD. In a real-world situation--with the RDD in a vehicle in an opposing lane--the Pro-M is "undetectable".
Note: The RADENSO Pro-M "AU-NZ model" contains the AU-NZ Speed Camera database
Radenso Pro-M "AU-NZ" is pre-loaded with Australian & New Zealand red-light and fixed-speed-camera locations. Regular updates are easy: The GPS database (satellite coordinates) is updated through a USB connection to your desktop or laptop computer. GPS Powered
Firmware (operating system) upgrades are made through "www.radensoupdate.com".
Most compact "portable" RADAR Detector System with GPS Speed+Redlight Camera Database
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Radenso Pro-M - Radar/Laser/GPS
Recommended Retail Price:   $ 895.00 AUD
Radenso Pro-M KIT
RADENSO Pro-M Radar/Laser Detector with GPS Intelligence Components
Radar/Laser Detector - Dimensions: 93 mm (Deep) x 62 mm (Wide) x 25 mm (High) 
  Windscreen Mount - attaches Radenso Pro-M to front windscreen
  Power Cord (coiled) - connects Pro-M to lighter-socket power supply of a vehicle
  USB Cable - connects Radenso Pro-M to computer for Database and Firmware updates
  Storage Pouch - contains Radenso Pro-M and Accessories
K and Ka Radar Bands & Laser (X Band not used in Australia & NZ)
K Band : 24.100 GHz (+/- 150 MHz)
    MRCD MultaRadar (Frequency-hopping) - Dedicated frequency canning
    MRCT MultaRadar (Frequency-hopping) - Dedicated frequency canning
    Gatso RT2 / RT3 (Tracking RADAR) - Dedicated frequency canning
  Ka Band : 33.400 GHz - 36.000 GHz
  Laser : 904 nanometers
Audio/Visual Alerts Warnings
Audio : Separate tones for all radar bands and laser
  Voice : Optional spoken alerts
  Visual : OLED display (text and bar range-meter)
    Radenso - Display options
Settings for Detection and Warning
Power Button :
    Short press

- (When no radar signal is received) Enter Settings Menu

      - (When radar signal is presently received) Mutes the volume of the current alert.
    Long Press - Power: On/Off
  Display/Alert Lockout Button :
    Short Press: - Select display brightness (bright, dim, smart dark, dark)
    Long Press - GPS Lockout
  Driving Mode Button :
    Short Press - Changes current driving mode (Highway, City, or AutoCity)
    Long Press - Stores user GPS point of interest
  Volume Buttons (+/-) :
    Short Press: - Short Press: Changes the volume of alerts or changes program options when in menu
    Long Press - N/A
Parts and Labor Warranty
Duration : 1 year
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