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  Stealth Image  
- S T E A L T H - - S T E A L T H -
Radenso DS1
Actual Size 76 mm Wide
AUS/NZ version specific feature:
  Database of AUS/NZ fixed speed/red-light cameras
Feature Overview
The Radenso DS1 is an EXTREME sensitivity Radar Detector in a compact unit. The DS1 is difficult to see from outside a vehicle. In visual-stealth mode, the display is a single bright dot. It changes to full view when a button is pressed or an alert occurs.
Firmware: v1.15 (+ latest AU/NZ Database)
Fixed speed trap alerts are generated by GPS linked to a Database of AUS/NZ locations.
  GPS database of Fixed Speed and Red-Light Camera locations is updated through Radenso DS1 Updater (Windows or macOS) or Radenso Nexus phone app.
Locations of interest (traps) can be stored and added to a personal database for GPS alerts.
Automatic GPS lockout of K-band false alert areas caused by shared-frequency motion sensors in suburban locations.
Feature Detection
Radenso DS1 detects speed-radar and speed-laser frequencies used throughout New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada.
Scanning Lasers (Poliscan) are difficult to detect. They can be marked as a Speed Trap location for future "danger area" alerts.
Feature Portable
Move Radenso DS1 from car to car for full-time radar and laser detection in different vehicles.
Feature Service & Warranty
Supported by the authorized Australia and New Zealand RADENSO distributor.
Radenso DS1 (full kit)
  Check local road regulations before purchase  
Radenso DS1 (AUS/NZ): GPS-assisted Radar/Laser
 -- Includes standard accessories --
 Available again: late April 2024
Retail Price: $ 895.00 AUD [+ Shipping]
Visa MasterCard no paypal account needed
DS1 Hard-wire Power Cable  
Hard-wire Power (with Mute) Cord for DS1
  As an OPTION with Radenso DS1 - free shipping 
Retail Price: $ 69.00 AUD [FREE Shipping]
Visa MasterCard no paypal account needed
  To purchase as an Accessory without the DS1 Radar/Laser: freight is charged  
DS1 Hard-wire Power Cable  
Hard-wire Power (with Mute) Cord for DS1
[$69.00 + $14.00 Express Post]
Price: $ 85.00 AUD [Including Shipping]
Visa MasterCard no paypal account needed
Bluetooth / Phone


Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 for Radenso Nexus
and Third Party App Connectivity
Firmware Upgrades: Performance and Functions
Database Updates: Fixed Red-light/Speed Cameras


RADENSO DS1 for Australia & New Zealand contains the AUS-NZ Speed Camera database
Speed Camera Icon Radenso DS1 "AUS/NZ" is is the only version pre-loaded with Australian & New Zealand red-light and fixed speed-camera locations. Regular updates are easy: The GPS database (satellite coordinates) is updated through a USB connection to your personal computer. Alternately, use Radenso Nexus. GPS Powered
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Firmware upgrades: Radenso Updater "PC" Application or Radenso Nexus Phone App
RADENSO DS1 Updater: Download Icon (green)
RADENSO DS1 (AUS/NZ version) Radar/Laser Detector with GPS Intelligence Components
Radar/Laser Detector - Dimensions: 109 mm (Deep) x 76 mm (Wide) x 30 mm (High)     [4.3" D x 3.0" W x 1.2" H]
  Windscreen Mount - attaches Radenso DS-1 to front windscreen (magnetic connection from bracket to detector)
  Power Cord (coiled) - connects DS1 to lighter-socket power supply of a vehicle (USB-C male to USB-C female in detector)
  Remote MUTE button - On power plug
  Storage Pouch - contains Radenso DS1 and Accessories
K and Ka Radar Bands & Laser (X Band not used in AUS/NZ)
K NZ Narrow : 24.000 GHz through 24.100 GHz (default for AUS/NZ)
  K Narrow : 24.080 GHz through 24.200 GHz (optional setting)
  K Wide : 24.050 through 24.250 GHz (optional setting)
  MRCD : MultaRadar (FMCW) (optional setting) (Jenoptik MRCD / MRCT)
  Gatso : (FMCW) (optional setting) (Tracking Radar)
  Ka Band ALL : 33.339 GHz through 35.700 GHz (default)
  Ka Band Custom-scan : 9 individual Ka-band segments (select/deselect any according to country or state)
  Laser : 904 nanometers (Hand-held LiDAR Speed Guns)
Audio/Visual Alerts Warnings
Audio : Separate tones for all radar bands and laser
  Voice : Spoken alerts (Default ON)(can be set to OFF)
  Visual (IDLE) : OLED display (multiple options in MENU settings)
  Visual (ALERTS) : Frequency display (default OFF)(can be set to ON)
Button selections
A Power Button : Power ON/OFF
  B Volume Button (right)(+) : Volume level UP (0 - 9)
  C Volume Button (left)(-) : Volume level DOWN (0 - 9)
  D Menu Button : Press for Menu Mode, Press to select a Menu option
  E Mute Button : Press - Toggle Mute On/Off (during alert)
    : Press - Store or Delete Lockout
    : 1 second Press - Delete Red Light / Speed Camera /
  Red Light & Speed Camera (During alert)
    : 2 second Press - Store or delete User point (While not alerting)
RadensoDS1 - buttons+callouts
Parts and Labor Warranty
Duration : 1 year
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  Email - mail@radarlaser.com.au