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ALP Connect iPhone iPhone RADAR-LASER 3s ALP Connect iPhone
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Radar & Laser + iPhone Alerts
ALP ControlBox
ALP Interface
ALP 2 Sensors
AntiLaser (2 Sensors)
Feature Overview
iPhone RADAR-LASER 3s is a 3-Sensor System that provides full Radar & Laser Protection. Settings and alerts are available via a Bluetooth link to your iPhone or iPad. The ALP Connect "app" can be downloaded from the iTunes website.
Feature Built-in
This system is designed to be fitted to your regular "drive". Installation is required.
Two (2) Parking Sensors are fitted to the front of the vehicle in the grille area. One (1) Radar Receiver is mounted behind the front plastic bumper.
Feature Detection
Detects all speed-radar and speed-laser in Australia and New Zealand.
Feature Undetectable
Electronic "stealth" defeats all Radar Detector Detectors. It's invisible to - Stalcar, Spectre, VG-2 Interceptor. Immune to future RDDs.
Feature Service & Warranty
Supported by the authorized Australian and New Zealand distributors.
ALP Bluetooth Module
ALP Bluetooth Module

Phone (not included)
The 3-Sensor System is designed for medium size vehicles. The two (2) LASER Sensors protect against Laser Speed-Guns and Speed Cameras in front of the vehicle. The RADAR Receiver detects signals from the front and rear.
ALP Radar-GPS Module
ALP Radar - GPS Module
Radar Receiver K and Ka Bands
Radar Receiver (1 Sensor)

Free Security provided by Radar Detection & Laser
2 x USB Flash Drives enable switching the mode of operation. Insert the USB "key" in the USB socket (extension from Interface) to quickly (5 seconds) change preferred settings.
USB Green USB Blue
GREEN Key: Parking Assist only - 100% legal
BLUE Key: Radar Detection, Laser Detection and Laser Defense

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PayPal LOGO iRadar-Laser 3 Sensor System (2 Laser & 1 Radar)
Recommended Retail Price: Spacer $2,595.00 AUD
Discount Price:   $2,395.00 AUD
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  Optional GPS Antenna   Spacer  
  AL GPS Antenna Spacer This amplified antenna connects to the Radar-GPS Module. It's required to enable the speed-related functions in the AL Radar and Laser setup menus. Radar (and or) Laser alerts can be turned off below 20 kph. Other speeds thresholds are 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90. PayPal LOGO Rec. Retail Price: Spacer $59.00 AUD
Discount Price: $55.00 AUD

Radar / Laser with iPhone connectivity
  • AL Priority Laser Sensors x 2
  • ALP - ControlBox (System CPU and Connections Interface)
  • ALP - Bluetooth Module
  • ALP - RADAR/GPS Module
  • STEALTH Radar Receiver x 1
  • ALP Connect (from iTunes Store)
  • Hardware - Cables & Brackets (for installing Radar & Laser Sensors)
K and Ka Radar Bands
  • K Band : 23.950 GHz - 24.150 GHz ... Segments 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
  • Ka Band : 33.400 GHz - 33.600 GHz ... Segments 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10
Audio and Visual Alerts - ALP Connect (iPhone App) Warnings
  • Audio : Separate tones for all RADAR bands and LASER
  • Voice : Optional spoken alerts through iPhone
  • Visual : iPhone Screens
System Operation
  • ALP Connect : Settings and Alerts through your iPhone or iPad
Parts and Labor
  • Duration : 1 year
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