Radar Detectors & Laser (SpeedSafe)
Radar / Laser Detector for WA & New Zealand
Valentine 1
Just say V1
Suitable for WA & NZ
Feature Overview
The Valentine One is the only model that locates the "source" of the Radar Gun. The arrows point to the source (sources) of the traffic radar.
Feature Portable
Move the Valentine One from car to car. You get full-time Radar/Laser detection in all your vehicles.
Feature Detection
Valentine One (V1) detects all speed-radar and speed-laser frequencies used throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Feature Service & Warranty

There is a 12 months warranty (parts & labor) for Valentine One.

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Valentine One Radar Laser Receiver
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Valentine Radar / Laser Locator Components
Radar/Laser Receiver: Dimensions - 4.5" Long x 3.6" Wide x 1.0" High
  Windscreen Mount - attaches detector to front windscreen
  Visor Mount - attaches detector to passenger side sun visor
  Lighter Adapter - plugs into lighter socket to provide power to cords
  Hard-wire Power Adapter - permanent concealed power source
  Power Cord, coiled - connects detector to lighter adapter
  Power Cord, straight - connects detector to lighter adapter
  Velcro Strips - alternate mounting method
  Spare Fuse - replacement to fit into lighter adapter
Owner's Manual - Information on detector use and warranty
K and Ka Radar Bands & Laser
K Band : 24.150 GHz (+ / - 100 MHz)
  Ka Band : 34.700 GHz (+ / - 1300 MHz)
Laser : 820 - 950 nanometers
Only "V One" shows the "location" of the Radar or Laser
Valentine Demo
Audio : Separate tones for all radar bands and laser
Visual : Arrows (direction), 7 segment numeric (bogey count), LEDs (bar range meter)
Settings for Detection & Warning
CONTROL KNOB : (Twist past indent) - Turns unit On and Off
  CONTROL KNOB : (Press for 2 seconds) - Changes computer modes
  CONTROL KNOB : (Twist) - Alters volume level
  CONTROL KNOB : (Push momentarily) - Mutes audio during an alert
MUTE LEVER : (Twist) - Sets "mute" volume level
Parts and Labor
Duration : 1 year