Radar Detectors & Laser (SpeedSafe)
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Radar / Laser Detector for Australia & New Zealand
Uniden R3 AU-NZ
Uniden R3 AU-NZ
Suitable for all states & NZ
Feature Overview

Uniden R3 is an extreme sensitivity (detection range) Radar/Laser detector with GPS-controlled features.

The OLED display shows the vehicle's current speed when the vehicle is moving.
Feature Portable
Easily move the Uniden R3 from car to car. You get full-time radar & laser detection in all your vehicles.
Feature Detection
Uniden R3 detects all speed-radar and speed-laser frequencies used throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Feature Undetectable
Electronic "stealth" defeats Radar Detector Detectors. Uniden R3 is invisible to all Spectre, VG-2 Interceptor RDDs.
Feature Service & Warranty

The Uniden R3 has a 12 months (parts and labor) warranty.

Uniden R3 (Controls)
Built-in GPS: Alerts to fixed location (24/7) Speed Traps
Firmware Updates through USB Port AU-NZ Database-updates from Uniden (FREE) User set Speed-based Automute of alerts Redlight & Speed Camera (fixed location) alerts
Mark up to 200 locations in the Database for alerts to Mobile Speed Traps

Uniden R3 Full Kit

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Currently unavailable
Uniden R3 Radar/Laser/GPS
Retail Price   $ 895.00 AUD
Uniden R3 Radar/Laser Detector
Dimensions : 110 mm (Deep) x 69 mm (Wide) x 29.50 mm (High) 
  Windscreen Mount Sticky Cup (premium) : Attaches detector to front windscreen
  Windscreen Mount Twin suction cup (standard) : Attaches detector to front windscreen
  Power Cord (coiled) - Connects the detector to lighter socket power supply of a vehicle
    (Features Mute button and USB Port)
K and Ka Radar Bands & Laser (X Band not used in Australia & NZ)
K Band : 24.150 GHz
  Ka Band : 33.400 GHz - 36.000 GHz
  Laser : 800 - 1100 nm
Audio / Visual Alerts
Audio : Separate tones for all radar bands and laser
  Voice : Spoken notification of alerts
  Visual : OLED display (text and bar range-meter)
  Earphone Jack : Plug in an Earphone or Remote Speaker
Settings for Detection and Warning
POWER : Turns R3 On or Off
  MENU : Accesses the Menu system
    (When not in the Menu Mode cycles between Highway - City 1 - City2)
  VOL + : Increases the level of audio alerts (in Menu go to next item)
    VOL - : Decreases the level of audio alerts (in Menu go to previous item)
  MARK : Memorizes up to 200 locations of interest in the Database
  MUTE/DIM : Mute cancels volume during an alert
    (Dim has 5 levels - Bright, Dim, Dimmer, Dark, Off)
Parts & Labor
Duration : 1 year
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