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Speed Cameras are the most efficient form of speed enforcement. The "photo-radar" or photo-laser" is an instant-ticket machine, when set up in areas where the speed limit is artificially low and the margin of "tolerance" is small.

The Vitronic PoliScan LASER Speed Camera is now being implemented nationwide. Western Australia was the first to adopt these LASER Speed Cameras. Victoria is phasing in the PoliScan-SPEED to replace all 141 Gatso RADAR Mobile Speed Cameras within 4 years. The PoliScan is approved for use in New South Wales.

Queensland has acquired thirteen (13) PoliScan-SPEED units to replace some of the Gatso RADAR Speed Cameras used since 1997. It seems likely that all of the RADAR (K-band) based mobile Speed Cameras will be phased out. Then, the only RADAR will be car-mounted (moving) speed detection devices transmitting on Ka-band.

The Vitronic PoliScan-SPEED is a Scanning LASER with an range of 10 to 75 metres. It measures speeds across four (4) lanes when photographing the front of vehicles. The license plate and driver image are captured. In the "rear" mode it just photographs the rear license plate. Five (5) lanes can be covered.
VitronicPOLISCAn Speed Camera
Vitronic PoliScan-SPEED LASER Speed Camera KIT
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AntiLaser - Priority Systems - for AU & NZ

Gatso RADAR Speed Camera
A RADAR Speed Camera (photo radar in the USA) must be positioned absolutely parallel to the traffic flow. If not, the device will produce incorrect speed readings. This is the "away" mode (pictured) where the radar beam is angled at 20 degrees across the road in the same direction as the traffic flow. Any vehicle above a preset speed has the rear license plate photographed. The "towards" mode angles the beam at 20 degrees towards the oncoming traffic and photographs the front license plate. The "both" directions mode can be used to check all vehicles.

Gatso Speed Camera
The European made "photo radars" used in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia are very difficult to detect. To consistently defeat the photo radar, you need an extremely sensitive detector with good filtering of false alarms. Many detectors (even well known brands) will warn too late to be of any real advantage./This is a case of "only the best will do".

The Gatso and Traffipax "photo radars" transmit in the "K" band. The Multanova units operate in the Australian Communications Authority approved "Ka" Band.

Multanova RADAR Speed Camera
Multanova Speed Camera