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Speed Alert PRO for Australia

Motorists are shocked and annoyed when they receive a speed-camera ticket for driving a small margin above a speed limit. Ironically, these minor infractions occur due to focus on safe driving. Concentrating on road conditions and carefully observing other vehicles is more important than constantly checking the speedometer.

With Speed Alert Pro you can quickly adjust speed to comply with frequently changing city and suburban speed limits. For example: Driving in a "70" zone and the speed limit changes to "60", you will be immediately alerted to reduce speed.

Feature Overview
Using GPS, Speed Alert PRO advises, with visual and audible alerts, when you drive above a speed limit. It achieves this by displaying current speed with 100% accuracy and automatically updating speed zones in real time.
Feature Easy Update
The database of speed zones throughout Australia is downloaded via the internet into Speed Alert Pro. Database updates are free.
Feature 100% Legal
Speed Alert Pro is a 100% legal auto accessory for Australia. Visual and audible overspeed alerts make a motorist constantly aware of complying with road speed limits. Beep-beep = slow down.
100% Legal
Feature Service & Warranty
12 months warranty (parts and labor) from the Australian distributor of Speed Alert PRO.
  When alerted to exceeding the current speed limit or entering a lower speed zone, you will not get a speeding ticket.  
Speed Alert - 55 in 50 zone Speed Alert PRO with bracketSpeed Alert PRO + windscreen mount
Speed Alert PRO - Speed Zone Monitor for Australian roads
  Retail Price: $ 279.00 AUD  
  Shipping (Express Post): $20.00  
Visa MasterCard no paypal account needed
Speed Alert PRO - Speed Zone Monitor Components
  Dimensions : 118mm Wide x 90mm High x 12mm Deep (4.65 inches W x 3.5 inches H x 0.47 inches D)
  Mounting Bracket : Windscreen (suction-cup) mount with lever lock attaches to Speed Alert PRO
  Power Cord (straight) : Connects detector to vehicle lighter socket / power outlet
  USB download cable : Connects to desktop or laptop computer for database updates
  SD Card 16 GB : Contains database of speed limit zones
GPS Speed features Speed
Speed indicator : Current speed (across-the-ground) displayed in digital format with 100% GPS accuracy
  Speed-limit indicator : For the current zone (10 kph, 20 kph, 40 kph, 50 kph, 60 kph, 70 kph, 80 kph, 100 kph, 110 kph)
Audio/Visual Alerts Warnings
Visual : LED Digits and Text
  Audible : Double-beep alert when exceeding the current speed-limit
Parts and Labor Warranty
Duration : 1 year
  Email - mail@radarlaser.com.au