Radar Detectors & Laser (SpeedSafe)
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is the Commonwealth Government Department that allocates "all" frequencies (bands) for radio transmissions including traffic (police) radar. Laser frequencies are also controlled by ACMA.
The Australian "Ka" band is equivalent to the American "wide Ka Band" of the early nineties. Wideband detectors have not been made since 1993. More than one Ka frequency has been used (initially in small numbers) in Oz since the mid-nineties. Therefore only "superwide" band detectors have been able to cover all Australian Speed Radar frequencies (K and Ka).
EXTRACT: from the Australian Communications and MediaAuthority Website
Traffic Radar (Speed Guns)
Operation in the 24-24.25 GHz Band The operation of low powered devices in the 24-24.25 GHz band is currently met by the Radiocommunications Class Licence (Low Interference Potential Devices) 2000. An apparatus licence is not required for low powered devices operating in the 24-24.25 GHz frequency band that comply with the requirements of the class licence

Operation in the 34 GHz Band

Approval has been granted for the operation of traffic radar speed guns in the 34.2-35.2 GHz frequency band by Federal, State and Territory law enforcement agencies. The operation of traffic radar speed guns in this band is authorised by a Radiodetermination licence. The following special condition will be attached to such licences, due to the non-fixed nature of the radar service: 'No interference shall be caused to any radiocommunication station or service and no protection from interference by such stations or services shall be afforded.'

Infrared Devices
Radiocommunication devices that operate in the infrared bands are authorised by the Radiocommunications Class Licence (Infrared Devices). These devices operate in the frequency range 300 - 420 terahertz (THz), with a maximum power of 125 milliwatts. The operation of infrared devices must not cause interference to another radiocommunications device and the infrared device is not afforded protection from other radiocommunications devices. An apparatus licence is not required for infrared devices that comply with the requirements of the class licence.
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Detecting Australian Radar and Laser frequencies (A.C.M.A. approved bands)

K Band

Ka Band


X Band

  23.950 - 24.250 GHz 34.200 - 35.200 GHz 904 nm Not for traffic radar
Escort iX
Escort MAX-360
Uniden R3 AU-NZ

Escort MAX Ci - Remote

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Note 1: "X", "K" and "Ka" are radar band designations used by the U.S.A. Police Radar and Radar Detector manufacturers. American and Australian frequencies (bands) may not correspond precisely. In the USA, the "Ka" band is 33.4 - 36.0 GHz.

Note 2:. Radar detectors on this site cover the "FCC" (American) and "ACMA" (Australian) frequencies. Some models permit removal of scanning for unwanted frequencies. This may be a good option for several reasons.
A. The frequency is no longer used for traffic radar in your area.
B. Removal of radar frequencies may result in less false alerts. The resultant quicker scanning of frequencies (less total bandwidth) may produce earlier detection of "instant-on" mobile and "photo" radar (speed cameras).

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