Radar Detectors & Laser (SpeedSafe)
Hand-held Radar

Hand-held radar is the original "gun" speed trap. The older "analogue" designs were limited in features. Newer Radar Guns utilizing "Digital Signal Processing" are superior in discriminating amongst several vehicles in the "target zone".

In most states of Australia, hand-held Laser is preferred by Police departments. This is due to the very narrow beam that can isolate a single vehicle in dense traffic. On country roads, where traffic is not congested, Radar Speed-Guns are effective, stationary speed checking devices. Their robust construction suggests less frequent calibration and a longer service life.

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Scout SHD
  Genesis GHD  
  Decatur Scout SHD Cordless RadarGun Spacer Decatur Genesis-Corded RadarGun  
  Power: Cordless   Power: Cord to 12 volts source  
  Solo2   Pro 2  
  Stalker Solo2 Cordless RadarGun   Stalker Pro2 Cordless  
  Power: Cordless   Power: Cordless  
Power: Cord to 12 volts source
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Speed-radar Guns used to be operated almost exclusively by state Police Forces. New applications for fast, accurate speed measurements have seen widespread use of radar by other organisations. In Australia, the mining industry uses speed-radar to control traffic across their sites.
Radar Detectors & Lasers offers RADAR Speed-Guns suitable for "private" speed control.
Bullet RED Cordless convenience - powered by internal rechargeable batteries.
Bullet RED Tuning forks for Calibration.
Bullet RED Low speed capability for areas with speed limits below 20 KPH.
Bullet RED Very-low speed capability for rail yards (from 1 KPH).
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Very high-speed capability (1300 KPH) to read speeds of aircraft.
Bullet RED RADAR with the capability to read speeds in knots and metres per second.
Bullet RED RADAR with directional discrimination.
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