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Escort REDLINE Beltronics Magnum
The information and advice is relevant to those areas (countries or states) that restrict the use of Radar/Laser Detectors. There is an emphasis on "stealth" and "undetectability". Models that are not immune to RDDs (Radar Detector Detectors) are highlighted to denote their unsuitability. Portable Radar Detectors (self-contained) can be the best choice for many drivers. Weigh the various factors and then decide.
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The original portable Radar Detector design (1970s) is a self-contained unit that's powered from a vehicle's cigarette lighter socket. The size and shape of all brands/models is governed by the the relatively large "radar-horn-antenna". Today's detectors also include laser sensors. The "housing" is always approximately 120 mm (long) x 80 mm (wide) x 30 mm (high). In imperial measurements - 4.75 inches x 3.25 inches x 1.25 inches.

Despite increasingly complex features, the purpose of the device remains the same - to provide an audible alert when a police radar signal is present. Some units are able to achieve this advantage at much greater distances than others. More so than with other products - you get what you pay for.

For "Oz" there is one feature that rules most RDs "in" or "out" regardless of their reputation in the USA or elsewhere - RDD (Radar Detector Detector) immunity.

Escort REDLINE ProA (INTERNATIONAL) is now the recommended Radar/Laser Detector for Australia and New Zealand.

The latest version with "K-band Segmentation" avoids false alerts from Mercedes vehicles with Disctronic Radar cruise control.

Warning range of the difficult to detect MultaRadar CD Multanova CT K-band speed cameras is enhanced. Detection of the new Gatso RT2 (mobile) and RT3 (fixed) tracking RADAR is the latest addition.

The Redflex (ADG RADAR) Speed Cameras can be detected: This is achieved by the ProA version's extra bandwidth compared to the USA Model. The optional vertical screen-mount renders detection alerts earlier and more reliable.

The latest version with "Ka-band Segmentation" scans just the segment (1, 2 or 3 of 10) that contains the Ka frequency (frequencies) used in your area.

The ability to "turn OFF" features like SWS (Safety Warning System) and RDR (Radar Detector Rejection) enables faster scanning and quicker processing of signals. This results in greater detection range of all types of RADAR including "moving" - car mounted and "stationary" - speed cameras.

  Escort REDLINE
Valentine One
Passport 9500iX
Radar Detection Specifications
K Band
K Band - Segmentation scanning
(selected K frequencies scanning)
K-band Redflex (AGD)
(with optional vertical mounting bracket)
MRCD Multanova (Frequency-hopping)
MRCT Multanova (Frequency-hopping)
Gatso RT2 / RT3 (Tracking RADAR)
Ka Band
Ka Band - Segmentation scanning
(selected Ka frequencies scanning)
RDR Off (bypass LO band scanning)
X Band (not used in Au and NZ)
Laser Detection specifications
Laser (detection)
Laser (jamming)
Power connection
Coiled cord (with lighter plug)
Straight cord (with hard wire option)
Mounting system
Screen mount (suction cups)
Screen mount (Sticky Cup)    
Visor mount (spring steel clip)
Warnings - audible and visual

Separate Audio Alerts (Radar bands)

Digital Voice (optional setting)
Text Display (dot matrix)
Digital Display (7 segment numeric)
Analogue display (LED Indicators )
GPS functions
Fixed camera alerts (Trinity database)
False-alert lockouts (TruLock)
Mark locations (private database)
Immune to Radar Detector Detectors
All (Spectre/Stalcar/VG2)
All future RDDs
Undetectable Undetectable Detectable Detectable