Radar Detectors & Lasers
Remote RLDs Compared
XRC - Ultimate VS.
The information and advice is relevant to those areas (countries or states) that restrict the use of Radar/Laser Detectors. There is an emphasis on "stealth" and "undetectability". Models that are not immune to RDDs (Radar Detector Detectors) are highlighted to denote their unsuitability. Remote (built-in) Radar Detectors can be the best choice for drivers who use only one personal vehicle. Weigh the various factors and then decide.
Spacer bullet_3d-black Hidden from view (degree varies according to the design)  
  bullet_3d-black Better detection range of most Radar Speed Cameras  
  bullet_3d-black More reliable "Laser" detection  
  bullet_3d-black Electronics run cooler (not exposed to sunlight) (depending on installation)  
  bullet_3d-black Several models are immune to RDDs  

Remote Radar Detectors designs are multi-piece units. The radar antenna and detection circuitry is in a waterproof housing mounted behind the front bumper. Laser sensors may be included or in separate housings positioned in the grille area. The switches and audio/visual warning components are contained in a smaller control box inside the vehicle. The intent is to provide a more discrete device that will not be noticed by "enforcers". Eliminating the possibility of theft is another consideration.

For "Oz" there is one feature that rules most RDs "in" or "out" regardless of their reputation in the USA or elsewhere - RDD immunity.

Beltronics - XRC Ultimate

The Beltronics XRC-Ultimate (STiR-PLUS INTERNATIONAL) is the Remote Radar/Laser/GPS model we recommend for Australia & New Zealand. It's unsurpassed sensitivity and stealth features (undetectable) make it unique.

GPS integration adds alerts for fixed speed and red-light cameras through the TRINITY database. With "True-Lock", it is possible to eliminate false alerts in areas where you drive regularly.

The ability to selectively scan just part of the Ka-band (specific radars in your state) increases sensitivity (detection range) substantially. This makes Beltronics XRC-Ultimate (STiR-PLUS INTERNATIONAL) the choice for long-range detection in the states of Australia and New Zealand.

Beltronics XRC-Ultimate (based on STiR-PLUS INTERNATIONAL) for Australia & NZ features firmware and hardware improvements over previous models. Warning range of the difficult to detect MultaRadar CD Multanova CT and Redflex (ADG) K-band speed cameras is enhanced. Detection of the new Gatso RT2 (mobile) and RT3 (fixed) tracking RADAR is the latest addition.
  * XRC-Ultimate AU-NZ *
Passport 9500Ci (USA)
Radar Detection Specifications
K Band
K Band - Segmentation scanning
(selected K frequencies scanning)
K-band Redflex (AGD) Optimisation
MRCD Multanova (Frequency-hopping)
MRCT Multanova (Frequency-hopping)
Gatso RT2 / RT3 (Tracking RADAR)
Ka Band
Ka Band - Segmentation scanning
(selected Ka frequencies scanning)
RDR Off (bypass LO band scanning)
X Band (not used in Au and NZ)
Laser Detection specifications
Laser (detection)
Laser (jamming)
Warnings - audible and visual

Separate Audio Alerts (Radar bands)

Digital Voice (optional setting)

Text Display (dot matrix)

GPS functions
False alert "K-band" lockouts (TruLock)
Fixed camera alerts
(Trinity Au-NZ database)
Mark locations (personal database)
USB Port upgrades
Firmware upgrades
Database updates (Au-NZ)
Database updates (USA)
Immune to Radar Detector Detectors
All (Spectre/Stalcar/VG2)
All future RDDs
Undetectable Undetectable
Note: 9500Ci (USA) does not feature an Australian/New Zealand fixed-camera database.