Radar Detectors & Laser (SpeedSafe)
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Laser Park-Assist & Laser Defense System : spoken (Hi-Fi) Voice Alerts
AL Priority 2 Sensors
AL Priority - Sensors
2 Transponder System

Feature Overview

AntiLaser AL Priority Parking Defense System includes these advanced features:
Red Bullet (tiny) Internet firmware upgrades by USB Flash Drive
Red Bullet (tiny) User programmable control unit
Red Bullet (tiny) Add-on modules (for future enhancements)

Feature Built-in
This system is designed to be fitted to your regular "drive". It is not meant to moved from car to car.
Feature Detection
OPTIONAL by firmware download: AL Priority senses all infrared transmitters using the 904 nanometer optical frequency. The sensitive receiver (1 per transponder) has a wide field-of-view and alerts to all LIDARS used in Au & NZ. This is possible when the system is programmed for laser detection
Feature Discrete
Powerful laser-diode transmitters (1 per transponder) achieves very small sensors. AL Priority is difficult to notice even when an observer is close to the vehicle.
Feature Service & Warranty
Antilaser AL Priority is supported by the official Australian distributor. Warranty = 24 Months.
Descriptive Voice Alerts: Warnings are spoken clearly at the volume level you prefer. The laser type & it's location (ahead or behind) is stated. Additionally, when settings are selected, the options are spoken.
ALP ControlBox HiFi HiFi Control ZSet + Speaker
  ControlBox HiFi ControlSet
100% Legal

AL Priority is shipped as a 100% legal Park Assist System. After installation, different FIRMWARE Profiles can be downloaded from AntiLaser's website to add new capabilities: Laser detection and Laser speed-acquistion deferral.

AntiLaser's detection processor is upgraded by plugging a USB Flash Drive into the ControlBox USB port. The provided extension cable--placed in an accessible location--makes this a quick and easy task.

LINK: AntiLaser Priority DOWNLOADS
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ALP: AntiLaser 2 Sensors with HiFi Audio Alerts
Discount Price: $ 1,295.00 AUD
Most vehicles require a long cable-run between the rear Sensor/s and the Control Box (Interface) which is hidden behind a panel at the front of the interior. The optional cable-extensions feature waterproof connections.

ALP Extension Cable (for Rear Sensor)

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ALP: Extension Cables for Rear Sensor x 1
Freight Free: $ 39.00 AUD
GPS Icon
OPTIONAL GPS-Antenna: AntiLaser Priority knows the speed of your vehicle. Speed-related functions are available in the settings menu on "alpupdate.com". ALP: GPS Antenna
LASER-SpeedControl: GPS intelligence controls Laser Detection with a preset speed threshold. Laser detection is turned OFF when the vehicle is traveling below 20 KPH. When traveling above 20 KPH, ALP defends against Laser Speed-Guns & Laser Speed-Cameras.
GPS-Stealth: When the vehicle is stationary, the AL Priority system is a 100% legal Parking-Assist device.
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ALP: GPS Antenna for speed-related functions
Freight Free: $ 95.00 AUD
AntiLaser - Remote Laser Detection & Protection Components
Laser Transponder x 2 - Waterproof housing [57 x 14 x 30 mm]
ControlBox - Connects components [100 x 22 x 50 mm]
ControlSet - Operation and Programming [56 x 27 x 6 mm]
Multi-colour LED - Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, White
Mounting Hardware - connecting cables, brackets and fasteners
Owner's Manual - information on installation, use and warranty
USB Extension Cable
Laser frequency
Laser : 905 nanometers
Audio and Visual Alerts
Audio : Spoken alerts (female or male voice)
Visual : Multi-colour LED (Green - standby) & (Red - alert)
System Operation Controls
Power : On / Off
Volume level adjustment
Mute (audio alert)
Parts and Labor
Duration : 24 months