Radar Detectors & Laser (SpeedSafe)
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Laser Park-Assist & Laser Defense System : spoken (Hi-Fi) Voice Alerts
AL Priority 2 Sensors
AL Priority - Sensors
2 Transponder System

Feature Overview

AntiLaser AL Priority Parking Defense System includes these advanced features:
Red Bullet (tiny) Internet firmware upgrades by USB Flash Drive
Red Bullet (tiny) User programmable control unit
Red Bullet (tiny) Add-on modules (for future enhancements)

Feature Built-in
This system is designed to be fitted to your regular "drive". It is not meant to moved from car to car.
Feature Detection
AL Priority senses all infrared transmitters using the 904 nanometer optical frequency. The sensitive receiver (1 per transponder) has a wide field-of-view and alerts to all LIDARS used in Au & NZ. This is possible when the system is programmed for laser detection.
Feature Discrete
Powerful laser-diode transmitters (1 per transponder) achieves very small sensors. AL Priority is difficult to notice even when an observer is close to the vehicle.
Feature Service & Warranty
Antilaser AL Priority is supported by the official Australian distributor. Warranty = 24 Months.
Descriptive Voice Alerts: Warnings are spoken clearly at the volume level you prefer. The laser type & it's location (ahead or behind) is stated. Additionally, when settings are selected, the options are spoken.
ALP ControlBox HiFi HiFi Control ZSet + Speaker
  ControlBox HiFi ControlSet
Logo DSP

Firmware Upgrade by USB Flash Drive: AntiLaser Priority utilizes Digital Signal Processing. When a new firmware version is available, users are notified by email. This occurs due to design improvements; and for new LIDARs -- Laser Speed Guns or Laser Speed Cameras. After downloading the new file, AntiLaser's detection processor is upgraded by plugging a USB Flash Drive into the ControlBox USB port, through its extension cable. The upgrade is completed in seconds.

USB Green USB Blue
from SpeedSafe Firmware Upgrade + Voice Pack Files Preferred Settings
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ALP: AntiLaser 2 Sensors with HiFi Audio Alerts
Included Free: USB Drives x 2
Discount Price: $ 1,295.00 AUD
Most vehicles require a long cable-run between the rear Sensor/s and the Control Box (Interface) which is hidden behind a panel at the front of the interior. The optional cable-extensions feature waterproof connections.

ALP Extension Cable (for Rear Sensor)

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ALP: Extension Cables for Rear Sensor x 1
Freight Free: $ 39.00 AUD
GPS Icon
OPTIONAL GPS-Antenna: AntiLaser Priority knows the speed of your vehicle. Speed-related functions are available in the settings menu on "alpupdate.com". ALP: GPS Antenna
LASER-SpeedControl: GPS intelligence controls Laser Detection with a preset speed threshold. Laser detection is turned OFF when the vehicle is traveling below 20 KPH. When traveling above 20 KPH, ALP defends against Laser Speed-Guns & Laser Speed-Cameras.
GPS-Stealth: When the vehicle is stationary, the AL Priority system is a 100% legal Parking-Assist device.
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ALP: GPS Antenna for speed-related functions
Freight Free: $ 95.00 AUD
AntiLaser - Remote Laser Detection & Protection Components
Laser Transponder x 2 - Waterproof housing [57 x 14 x 30 mm]
ControlBox - Connects components [100 x 22 x 50 mm]
ControlSet - Operation and Programming [56 x 27 x 6 mm]
Multi-colour LED - Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, White
Mounting Hardware - connecting cables, brackets and fasteners
Owner's Manual - information on installation, use and warranty
USB Extension Cable
2 x USB Keys (from SpeedSafe)
Laser frequency
Laser : 905 nanometers
Audio and Visual Alerts
Audio : Spoken alerts (female or male voice)
Visual : Multi-colour LED (Green - standby) & (Red - alert)
System Operation Controls
Power : On / Off
Volume level adjustment
Mute (audio alert)
Parts and Labor
Duration : 24 months